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One Life

Stewards.ONE is an education company that helps people achieve unity of purpose across every aspect of their lives.

One Purpose

We promote a culture of Stewardship as a means to develop high intellectual, spiritual, and technical capabilities.


A world where families and communities flourish through love and service.


To develop the spiritual, intellectual and technical capabilities of our students.


The Master of a People is their Steward
– Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Enabling positive outcomes for families and communities

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Our Instructors

Professional visual designer. Graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology with a B.Sc. in Visual Communication. Started my career as a multimedia designer in IT and Security companies. Transitioned to freelance graphic design work shortly afterwards. Completed over a hundred visual design projects for both startup and established clients from all around the world.

Zachary Wright received his PhD (history) from Northwestern University, his MA in Arabic studies/Middle East history from the American University in Cairo, and his BA in history from Stanford University. He teaches classes on Islam in Africa, Islamic Intellectual History, African history, and Middle East history. His research focuses on Islamic intellectual history in West and North Africa, from the 15th century to the present. Most of Wright’s field research has been conducted in Senegal, Morocco, and Mauritania, with Arabic, French, and Wolof language sources. He serves as a faculty affiliate of Northwestern’s Program of African Studies (PAS), Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA), and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) program. Wright became Muslim in 1997 in Medina-Baye, Senegal, and spent many years studying the traditional Islamic sciences with Shaykh Hasan Cisse and Shaykh Tijani Cisse along his academic research.

Highly skilled IT Service Management professional, more than 19 Years of experience in IT and extensive ITIL experience and a proven track record in implementing and managing IT services. Strong background in training and mentoring team members, with published ITIL courses on Udemy. ITIL4 Master and peopleCert accredited trainer.

Secondary Level, Mathematics and Science Teacher
Graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, completed a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. Has been a teacher for over 9 years. Has additional training in Primary Montessori Education. Has also completed 3 years of study at Micro Madrasa (Liverpool).

Certified Master Life Coach
Graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Taught in primary and secondary school settings. Completed doula, childbirth education, and breastfeeding specialist and peer counsellor qualifications. Certified health, life and business coach and founder of a coaching training programme. Worked with women in coaching and childbearing years for over a decade. Mother of 7 and home educator.

Rakin Fetuga is the CEO of Crescent Moon Media record label. He runs workshops to support youth, teaches Religious Studies at Oasis Academy Hadley. He also teaches Islamic studies at the weekends, and is also a life coach. Rakin’s latest initiative is to bring awareness to the epidemic of youth violence in the inner cities. He formed an organisation called ‘Save Our Boys’ which holds events in the community and in schools. He is also part of the Rumi’s Cave team working as a teacher, events host, speaker and Imam for Friday congregational prayers and Ramadan taraweer prayers.

Calligrapher and Artist with a focus on West African calligraphy, art and craft. Graduated from The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts with a Masters in Arts with a distinction. Studies with master Arabic calligraphers from the UAE, China and England in Riqa’a, Thuluth and Sudani scripts. Also studied classical Latin scripts Copperplate, Italic and Uncial scripts. Lives in Reading,UK, married with 3 children.

Teacher of the Islamic Sciences
Completed 5 years of Darul Ulum curriculum. Received authorisation in Arabic and Islamic sciences from various scholars. Currently continuing study in advanced Hanafi fiqh with Shaykh Sohail Hanif

A student of Physics department in King Abdul-Aziz University, A strong Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an from Nigeria. Lives in Saudi-Arabia, Single, experienced with teaching the kids for over 5yrs and dedicated to seeing younger ones achieve their goals of memorising.

Khalid Tetuani is an English lecturer, academic coordinator, and Arabist whose interests include formal semantics, syntax, and Arabic grammar. He has over ten years’ teaching experience. He currently resides in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, where he has lived since 2016. An alumni of University College London, Abu Nayef is also a freelance translator specialising in Arabic – English translation.

Design Technology Teacher. 10 years+ experience in woodworking and joinery projects.

Secondary Level, English language and Literature Teacher Graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria with a BSc in Mass Communication. Has a PGDE in English Education. A passionate reader and writer who has taught IGCSE English and Literature for 3 years. Has successfully prepared students for IGCSE English and Literature Examinations with over 90% success rate.

University of Birmingham, Msc Diploma of History of Medicine. PGCE University of Bangor. Science teacher for 22 years teaching across KS3/4 and 5 extensively. Speciality in Chemistry. Adept in numerous techniques to enable students to feel confident in their subject. Familliar with WJEC and AQA boards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stewards.ONE in an education company that provides online schooling, adult learning, business and career development mentorship, community courses, and family services. We offer courses both online and offline.

Stewards online school fees ranges between £250.00 – £450.00 per month depending on your child’s educational track.

We are currently applying to become a Cambridge school, hence our curriculum will be based on the Cambridge University School Board. Please visit our childhood education page to read more about our curriculum.

We are constantly expanding our educational, mentorship and coaching offerings. We have something for everyone! Please visit our catalogue to search by interest.

Yes, there will be membership subscription plans when Stewards is launched. A member subscription plan will save members money by allowing them to pay a fixed monthly subscription for a wide range of courses. At present, each courses can only be bought individually.

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