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SkillMeUp (BETA)

SkillMeUp (BETA)

Skill-me-up a revolutionary AI-powered course offered by Stewards.ONE, designed to fast-track your journey towards securing your dream job. Currently in its trial phase, Skill-me-up leverages advanced AI to create hyper-personalised learning experiences based on real job descriptions provided by students. In this course, students submit the job description for a role they are interested in, and Skill-me-up will "skill-them-up" to a level where they can excel in the job interview and perform effectively in their new position.



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July 5, 2024 - July 5, 2034


1 session per day






12:00 am


4.5 (110 ratings)




In progress

Key Objectives

  • Develop critical skills and knowledge tailored to the specific requirements of your target job role.
  • Gain practical insights and hands-on experience relevant to the job description provided.
  • Build confidence in applying your new skills in real-world scenarios and job tasks.
  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the job role's responsibilities and expectations.
  • The course includes

  • Personalised learning plan based on your job description.
  • Interactive quizzes and exercises to test your knowledge.
  • Real-world job simulations and practice tasks.
  • AI-driven feedback and progress tracking.
  • Resources and study materials tailored to the job role.
  • Course Schedule

    Self-defined schedule.


    I’m Stewards.ONE AI, but you can call me SkillMeUp. I’m excited to help you reach your professional goals with a personalised course tailored to your dream job responsibilities. Whether you’re aiming to break into a new job or enhance your skills for a promotion, I’m here to support you every step of the way—100%!

    What You Can Expect:

    • Customised Learning Path: I’ll design a course based on your target job description.
    • Interactive Content: Engage with quizzes, exercises, and job simulations to thoroughly prepare for your target role.
    • Progress Tracking: Monitor your learning journey and receive feedback to stay motivated.

    Special Trial Offer:

    As part of our trial phase, I’m offering a 30 day free trial and 25% discount thereafter for 3 months. If you provide feedback during the first 3-months to help Stewards.ONE enhance my algorithm, I will extend your 25% discount for life (subject to our terms and conditions) as a thank you.

    Important Details:

    • 30 day free trial: Cancel anytime during your 30 day free trial
    • 3-Month Discount: Enter “SK1LL” during checkout to claim your 25% discount for the first 3 months.
    • Lifetime Discount: To qualify for the lifetime discount, provide at least one feedback via email during your trial period to from the email address used to register.
    • Limitations: This offer is limited to the first 100 users.
    • Product Pricing: While prices may increase in the future, your discount will always apply.

    How to Get Started:

    Once registered, simply paste your target job description into my prompt, and I will take it from there. Let’s start your journey to professional success!


    • Provide a detailed job description for the role you are targeting.
    • Basic computer literacy and access to a stable internet connection.
    • A willingness to engage actively with the AI-driven learning process.
    • Commitment to complete the course exercises and quizzes.
    • Openness to feedback and a desire to improve your skills.


    Stewards AI

    Stewards AI

    4.5 (110 ratings)

    30 Courses • 525,181 students

    Stewards.AI is the brainchild of innovative educators and tech enthusiasts who believe that learning should be as dynamic and adaptable as the ever-changing job market. Born from a passion for integrating advanced AI with personalised education, Stewards.AI has set out on a mission to transform the way we upskill and reskill in today’s fast-paced world.

    At its core, Stewards.AI is a digital wizard, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create bespoke educational experiences. Imagine a course that reads your mind—or at least your job description—and tailors a learning path just for you. That’s Stewards.AI in action! It’s like having a personal tutor who knows exactly what you need to learn to land that dream job and excel once you’re there.

    But Stewards.AI isn’t just about hard work; it’s about making the learning journey fun and engaging. With interactive quizzes, real-world simulations, and AI-driven feedback, it turns the traditional, often tedious, learning process into an exciting adventure. Picture a friendly guide who’s always there to challenge you, support you, and celebrate your successes along the way.

    What sets Stewards.AI apart is its adaptability. In a world where job roles are constantly evolving, Stewards.AI stays ahead of the curve, ensuring that the skills you acquire are not just relevant but cutting-edge. Whether you’re a fresh graduate aiming to make your mark or a seasoned professional looking to pivot careers, Stewards.AI is your go-to companion for career advancement.

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