Meet For : Fundamentals of Electronics

This course contains 8 sessions that span over 8 weeks of classes. Week 1: Session 1 Introduction to the course, goals, and safety measures. Explanation and hands-on exploration of basic electronic components (batteries, motors, switches). Simple circuit building with LEDs and batteries. Week 2: Session 2 Recap of the previous session. Introduction to solar energy and solar panels. Experimentation with small solar panels to power basic circuits. Week 3: Session 3 Recap and brief assessment of learning. Understanding how solar panels generate electricity. Introduction to DC motors and their functionality. Week 4:  Session 4 Building simple moving structures with wheels and axles. Connecting motors to batteries and switches, experimenting with motor direction. Week 5: Session 5 Recap and assessment of learning progress. Designing and planning the buggy structure using cardboard or similar materials. Assembling basic buggy components (wheels, axles) without electronics. Week 6: Session 6 Constructing the buggy structure and ensuring its stability. Introduction to integrating electronic components into the buggy design. Week 7: Session 7 Recap and review of previous sessions Mounting solar panels onto the buggy and connecting them to motors. Assembling and testing the complete solar-powered buggy. Week 8: Session 8 Final testing and evaluation of the solar-powered buggy. Showcasing completed projects, sharing experiences, and discussing potential improvements. End of unit [theory] test given (duration 20 mins).  
Topic: Meet For : Fundamentals of Electronics
Start: Apr 29 2024 12:00 AM
Duration: 0 hrs 45 min
Timezone: America/New_York
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