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Visual & Graphic Design

Visual & Graphic Design

Visual & Graphic Design are at the heart of the digital creative industries. This course offers comprehensive insights into becoming a successful designer, covering all main career paths within the digital design realm—Graphic Design, Web Design, UI, UX, Illustration, and Motion Design. You will explore various specializations within the design sector, learning to effectively present and substantiate your ideas with visual and tangible evidence. Additionally, the course highlights how to deliver value to businesses across different industries, equipping you with the skills to think and operate like a proficient designer.

Graphic Design


Web Design


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4.5 (110 ratings)


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Key Objectives

  • Follow the design process to solve real-life problems and come up with creative solutions
  • Develop your visual communication skills
  • Understand the importance of color, shapes, compositions and typography
  • Communicate ideas, stories and concepts to anyone through visual messaging
  • Learn whether a career in digital design is right for you
  • The course includes

  • Assessment and Grading.
  • Class Participation: 10% Assignments (weekly): 40%, Final Exam: 50%
  • Course Schedule

    Schedule UTC+001
    Thursday6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


    Week 1-2: Introduction to Digital/Visual Design

    • What is Digital/Visual Design?: Exploring the scope and impact.
    • Overview of Design Disciplines: Including Graphic Design, Web Design, UI, UX, Illustration, and Motion Design.
    • Careers in Design: Various career paths and opportunities.
    • Portfolio Discussion: Importance and structuring of a design portfolio.
    • Course Logistics: Overview, tools required, and submission guidelines.

    Week 3-4: Focus on Graphic Design and Illustration

    • In-depth Study: Dive into Graphic Design and Illustration techniques and best practices.
    • Assignment Instructions: Handout and discussion of the first project focusing on Graphic Design and Illustration.

    Week 5-6: Web Design and UI/UX

    • Group Critique: Review and feedback on Graphic Design and Illustration assignments.
    • Introduction to Web Design and UI/UX: Learning the fundamentals and advanced concepts.
    • Assignment Instructions: Handout for Web Design and UI/UX project.

    Week 7-8: Motion Design and Exam Preparation

    • Group Critique: Feedback session on Web Design and UI/UX assignments.
    • Introduction to Motion Design: Exploring techniques and applications in Motion Design and other design practices.
    • Final Exam Instructions: Detailed guidelines and expectations for the final assessment.


    • Ages 14+
    • Anyone who might be interested in a career in design.



    Rana Obaid

    4.5 (110 ratings)

    30 Courses • 525,181 students
    Professional visual designer. Graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology with a B.Sc. in Visual Communication. Started my career as a multimedia designer in IT and Security companies. Transitioned to freelance graphic design work shortly afterwards. Completed over a hundred visual design projects for both startup and established clients from all around the world.

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    Visual & Graphic Design

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