Childhood Education

Quran Recitaton & Memorisation (Hafs)

Quran Recitaton & Memorisation (Hafs)

Quran Recitaton & Memorisation (Hafs) course is designed to introduce Home-schooling students to Qur’an Memorisation. It focuses on increasing their knowledge and understanding of the Qur’an.

Quran Recitaton

Quran Recitaton & Memorisation - Hafs


  • Childhood Education


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1:00 am


4.5 (110 ratings)


£25 per month

Key Objectives

  • Recite the Glorious Qur’an with fluency.
  • Develop a strong background and proper balance to keep them going for the remaining juz’u.
  • Get closer to Almighty Allah.
  • Get Increased knowledge and understanding of the Qur’an.
  • The course includes

  • Weekly sessions: four times a week (1hour each).
  • Group Recitation: to enhance each student to catch up with the other.
  • Muraaja: Revision of the previously memorized verses before commencing a new one. •
  • Course Schedule

    Schedule UTC+001
    Thursday3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Saturday2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


    This course contains 22 weeks of classes.

    • Week 1: Suratul Nas – Suratul Ikhlas
    • Week 2: Suratul Masad – Suratul Al-kafirun.
    • Week 3: Suratul kawthar – Suratul Quraysh
    • Week 4: Suratul fil – Suratul Asr
    • Week 5: Suratul takathur and Suratul Qari’ah
    • Week 6: Suratul Aadiyah and Suratul Zalzalah
    • Week 7: Suratul Bayinah and Suratul Qadr
    • Week 8: Suratul Alaq and Suratul Tin
    • Week 9: Suratul Sharh and Suratul Dhuhaa
    • Week 10: Suratul Layl and Suratul Shams
    • Week 11: Suratul Balad and Fajr
    • Week 12: Suratul Fajr and Ghashiya
    • Week 13: Suratul Aala and Tariq
    • Week 14: MURAAJA
    • Week 15: Suratul Buruj
    • Week 16: Suratul Inshiqaq
    • Week 17: Suratul Mutafifin
    • Week 18: Suratul Infitar
    • Week 19: Suratul Takwir
    • Week 20: Suratul Abasa
    • Week 21: Suratul Naziat
    • Week 22: Suratul Naba


    The course is intended for children aged 9-15 who are keen to memorize the Qur’an regardless with full consistency and determination at a moderate pace.



    Ahmad Abdul-Majeed

    4.5 (110 ratings)

    30 Courses • 525,181 students
    A student of Physics department in King Abdul-Aziz University, A strong Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an from Nigeria. Lives in Saudi-Arabia, Single, experienced with teaching the kids for over 5yrs and dedicated to seeing younger ones achieve their goals of memorising.

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    Quran Recitaton & Memorisation (Hafs)

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