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Life Coaching for Women

Life Coaching for Women

Life Coaching for Women course for women designed to give them practical support in identifying their values, and aligning their lives to the highest values they want to live.  It is a module within the Character Building course.

Architecting Life Mission

Life Coaching for Women

Life Mission Foundation

Life Coaching for Women


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Key Objectives

  • Understand and define your values
  • Have an awareness about if they are living their highest values or not
  • Architect a way of living that is compatible with their values
  • Identify personal obstacles and barriers via mindset and habits that take them out of alignment in their lives
  • The course includes

  • Online sessions one hour per week that involve discussion, coaching, and introspection
  • Students wll be assessed by using Stewards Life Coaching tool and progress chart
  • Course Schedule

    Schedule UTC+001
    Wednesday7:45 PM - 8:45 PM


    The course contains 6 weeks of classes.

    Week 1: Introduction and behaviour guidelines.

    • Rules of conduct and participation. Confidentiality. School culture-no getting it right. Vulnerability.  
    • Introduction to the course which includes why we are doing this course, what our aims and objectives are, and what we will be doing each week. Describe how they can get the most out of this class, why create a life mission will also cover any materials needed such as a journal, and course pdf.   
    •  [ Despite their best intentions, sometimes women find themselves not truly living their deepest values and find there is a gap in their lives between how they are and who they’d like to be. This can occur for many reasons—one of which being often women don’t feel successful in their roles of mother or wife and because they don’t know how to solve the problem, they focus on what they already feel successful in which creates an even wider gap. Or they can find that popular culture, ideas, or even friendship circles make it more challenging for them to remain consistent with living their values. The purpose of creating a life mission is to develop an overall focus so that one life feels integrated and harmonious. At the end of the process women will insha Allah have more clarity on what is actually important to them, and how to be true to that.] 
    • Journaling and Discussion: Life Mission Foundation 
    • What state would you like to die in?
    • How do you want to spend your time in the Barzak?
    • How do you want to be resurrected?
    • How would you like to cross the Sirat?
    • What do you want your final eternal abode to be? 

     Based on your above answers, what type of life do you think you’ll need to live to realise those aims? 

    •  How close are you to living that type of life now?
    • Are there any actions that are directly violating your chances of being granted those blessings?

    Assign Homework Journaling Questions: 

    • What goals do you want to achieve in your lifetime?
    • What are the most important projects/items you would like to accomplish in your life?
    • What is happening in your life now? Are you spending your 1) time, 2) thoughts, 3) energy on what’s most important to you?
    • What are 1) the obstacles, 2) thoughts, 3) behaviours, 4) habits, 5) emotions stopping you from living the life you want to live in the context of your desired next life? 

    Week 2:

    • Review of previous week. Ask for key learning.  
    • Discuss Homework. Ask about their experience and learning.  

     Define life values 

    •  Ask what are the most important areas of their lives that they prioritise or focus on?
    • Are there any categories that come to mind that they wish were there?
    • Make a list of each category.
    • Ask what is important to them in the context of each one. Go through an example.
    • Have them elicit their values.
    • Discuss what comes up for them.
    • Questions.  

    Week 3:

    • Review of Previous Weeks.

    Architecting Life Mission

    • Students will use everything they worked on to draft a life mission
    • Define what a mission is.
    • Have students define their life mission and purpose.


    • What 1) strengths, 2) blessings have Allah given them to fulfil this mission?
    • What does your life look like when you are on purpose and fully living your mission?
    • How do you know you are living your mission or not?
    • What are the criterium for your ideal life?
    • How do your life goals connect with your life mission?
    • How are you potentially getting in the way of this mission?
    • Do you have any internal conflicts concerning how to best achieve your mission?
    • What can you choose to let go of for the sake of Allah to be aligned, purposeful and intentional in your life?
    • Moving forward is there anything you would like to prioritise higher in life and make room for?

    Week 4:

    • Review of previous weeks. Discuss key takeaways.

    Life Mission Audit

    • Is there anything you’d like to add to your life mission or get clearer about?
    • Given what you’ve defined as your life mission, what is the most important thing to focus on in your life right now?
    • What role does being a wife/mother play in your life mission?
    • What does your ideal life look like given your life mission?
    • Is your current life in harmony with your life mission? Why or why not? What needs shifting?Week 5:
    • Review previous week

    Life Mission Success Wheel

    • Revisit values categories. Each student will use those to make their own personal success and accountability wheel.
    • They will compare their wheel to their life mission and check for alignment with prophetic values.
    • Discussion.

    Week 6:

    • Review previous weeks
    • Discuss discoveries and results
    • Speak about concerns moving forward
    • What type of support will be needed, next steps


    Course pdf, internet, camera, pen, and computer.



    Hind Adeagbo

    4.5 (110 ratings)

    30 Courses • 525,181 students
    Certified Master Life Coach Graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Taught in primary and secondary school settings. Completed doula, childbirth education, and breastfeeding specialist and peer counsellor qualifications. Certified health, life and business coach and founder of a coaching training programme. Worked with women in coaching and childbearing years for over a decade. Mother of 7 and home educator.

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